Sleeping and Relaxation Gadget ,USB Rechargeable -Free shipping

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This Gadget helps the kid relax and fall asleep.

Nobody wants a stressed-out baby. The stress is contagious, making everyone uncomfortable.

An adorable appearance and comfortable to use.




The sleep sound machine is a good fit for putting into a baby room, dorm, nursery room and so on.

It helps practice relaxing breathing ,relax mediation lights .


1-This machine has 20 pieces of built-in music, which are: white noise, fan noise,rain sound,wave sound,bicker, bonfire sound, twitter, Qu You sound, clock sound, pitpat, cradlesong.

2-The device is equipped with a night light, breathing mode (sleeping aid) and long light mod


Package contents:

1- The device

2:USB charging cable

3:User manual (6 languages)

Charging instruction

The device uses Micro USB standard charging cable. When the battery is low, there will be a prompt sound. The device stops working during charging, and the red light is lightening The red light is off when the charging is completed.


1.Do not place the product in water

2.Do not replace the battery yourself

3.Under circumstances of extreme-high or extreme-low temperature, the battery may not be fully charged

4.Do not place the fire on the device

5.Do not drop the product from high place




20 reviews for Sleeping and Relaxation Gadget ,USB Rechargeable -Free shipping

    I use it for both an infant and myself actually. The white noise seems to work the best for infants ,there are a lot of sound selections to choose from.
    Honestly, I was expecting junk and got nothing of the sort. I’m amazed at the sound quality of this little puck sized devise. It can really belt out non-tinny sound. Good bass even. It’s super small so I can take it everywhere I go. The battery option is perfect for camping or wherever a plug isn’t available. Regardless I leave it plugged in for home use and love the variety of sounds. Would recommend!
    Sleeping and Relaxation Gadget ,USB Rechargeable -Free shipping photo review
    It’s helpful for sleeping. Its sound came out quite relaxing. The sound of rain is the best, it makes me feel calm and relax a lot. This small machine also comes with a soft night light, which is really a multi-functional white noise machine! It have a timer function btw, is that cool? Hhhhh.... hmm, whatever. But I pretty sure you will like it as me! Take a try.
    Sleeping and Relaxation Gadget ,USB Rechargeable -Free shipping photo review
    Perfect, I was pleasantly surprised that it's so small, it carries quite a few sounds, regulated volume has an ambient light, charged with USB, battery lasts quite a bit. Just what I needed, thanks
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