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This Gadget helps the kid relax and fall asleep.

Nobody wants a stressed-out baby. The stress is contagious, making everyone uncomfortable.

An adorable appearance and comfortable to use.




The sleep sound machine is a good fit for putting into a baby room, dorm, nursery room and so on.

It helps practice relaxing breathing ,relax mediation lights .


1-This machine has 20 pieces of built-in music, which are: white noise, fan noise,rain sound,wave sound,bicker, bonfire sound, twitter, Qu You sound, clock sound, pitpat, cradlesong.

2-The device is equipped with a night light, breathing mode (sleeping aid) and long light mod


Package contents:

1- The device

2:USB charging cable

3:User manual (6 languages)

Charging instruction

The device uses Micro USB standard charging cable. When the battery is low, there will be a prompt sound. The device stops working during charging, and the red light is lightening The red light is off when the charging is completed.


1.Do not place the product in water

2.Do not replace the battery yourself

3.Under circumstances of extreme-high or extreme-low temperature, the battery may not be fully charged

4.Do not place the fire on the device

5.Do not drop the product from high place




20 reviews for Sleeping and Relaxation Gadget ,USB Rechargeable -Free shipping

    I use it for both an infant and myself actually. The white noise seems to work the best for infants ,there are a lot of sound selections to choose from.
    Sounds a lot, the volume is adjusted, it works without wires. Soft illumination. I hope the baby will like it for sleep.
    This is a great little sound machine! I like sleeping with my fan or AC on for background noise but hate to do that in the winter so I decided to look for a sound machine instead. This one lets you touch the little dome to choose different sounds, turn a nightlight on or off (and adjust dimness), set a timer or choose no timer, and adjust volume. It’s USB but comes with a box so you can plug it in wherever. It has a good variety of nature/water sounds, which are the ones I especially like, plus animals and music and other sounds too. I think it would be good to take along for staying at someone else’s house or a hotel or something where you want to block out other noise. I haven’t really played with the app part yet but I do think it’s cool that you can control everything from an app as well and can personalize it more that way. Anyway, I might buy another... I actually got this one for me, but my 7 year old begged to be allowed to have it in her room haha. Quick arrival, good packaging, clear instructions, good condition, and does its job. No complaints!
    I am a school social worker I wanted a noise machine for my elementary school office that would be both relaxing and provide some privacy. This sound machine fit the budget and met my requirements. The different sounds are calming, yet not distracting during a therapy session or when I am trying to get a student to calm down. It is also beneficial at blocking out the conversations that are occurring so that the people in the offices next to me cannot hear what the student and I are speaking about. The lights are great too, as it adds a nice ambiance in my office as I rarely use the overhead lights and use lamps instead.
    This sleep sound machine is fantastic and loaded with features. It combines a sound machine and night light into one device.
    This light was purchased for my 4 year old who is scared of the dark. there are several sounds to chose from. The machine has a timer on it they you can set for it to turn off. My 4 year old daughter easily turns on the machine herself. It has helped her sleep at night. I am pleased we found a light bright enough for her room. Excellent product!
    The size of the machine is awesome and easy to carry anywhere. Especially charging with USB is advantageous and reduces replacement of batteries. Noise would last for 1 full day. Our newborn sleeps well with the white noise music. Would recommend for newborn sleeping.
    Honestly, I was expecting junk and got nothing of the sort. I’m amazed at the sound quality of this little puck sized devise. It can really belt out non-tinny sound. Good bass even. It’s super small so I can take it everywhere I go. The battery option is perfect for camping or wherever a plug isn’t available. Regardless I leave it plugged in for home use and love the variety of sounds. Would recommend!
    Love it! Sound is clear and soothing. Perfect size for travel. I love that it charges via USB and doesn’t need to be plugged in to work!
    Sleeping and Relaxation Gadget ,USB Rechargeable -Free shipping photo review
    I love how convenient this item is and how portable. It has the added feature of a night light that isn't too bright. The various sounds are great not only for my baby, but comforting to me to.
    My kids love it! Helps my 9 & 13 yr old sleep better!
    Sleeping and Relaxation Gadget ,USB Rechargeable -Free shipping photo review
    Love that it doesn't have to be plugged in to operate it, so you can place it anywhere you like. Nice small size and super easy to operate. Nice variety of sounds. Some sound better than others, through the speaker, but it's a little thing so don't expect super high quality sound - all in all it does have good sound for it's tiny size. I like listening to one of the songs playing in the back ground as I relax. The light is either steady on or it has a fad on and off (over and over) setting, which I'm not sure when I'd ever use that setting. When you plug it in to charge there is a faint red glow until it's fully charged, so that pretty cool. Short little USB charging cable is included. 3 timer settings with different corresponding light colors so that you can tell from a distance what time you've set it for (provided you remember what color is for what length of time).
    I've been having trouble sleeping and was looking for something to help . This machine is fabulous and for the price you can't go wrong. My favorite white noise is the sound of the forest. It relaxes me and quickly settles down to sleep. Really nice little sound machine!
    This is definitely a handheld sized white noise machine. This has a variety of sounds, albeit a small range of types of sounds. Most of them are a true white noise, water, rain, thunder, or what sounds like wind and rain. I wish this had a more vast variety of sounds. I felt like I was cycling through the same 4 types of sounds. This is definitely portable. I like this and the color scheme. I highly recommend if you need light in the room to sleep.
    Nice size enjoy the options and volume control. You can set a timer, I run mine all night in case I wake up and it seems to run for three nights before needing a charge.
    Sleeping and Relaxation Gadget ,USB Rechargeable -Free shipping photo review
    This is a great little noise machine that can also double as a night light. I love its simple design, soft lighting and high-quality sound. I like the sound of the forest, it relaxes me and helps me fall asleep quickly. Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase!
    Sleeping and Relaxation Gadget ,USB Rechargeable -Free shipping photo review
    It’s helpful for sleeping. Its sound came out quite relaxing. The sound of rain is the best, it makes me feel calm and relax a lot. This small machine also comes with a soft night light, which is really a multi-functional white noise machine! It have a timer function btw, is that cool? Hhhhh.... hmm, whatever. But I pretty sure you will like it as me! Take a try.
    Sleeping and Relaxation Gadget ,USB Rechargeable -Free shipping photo review
    Have had this a few days. Very neat and useful. My daughter who is almost 2 was attracted directly too it. Has a night light that is convenient and useful. My daughter enjoys some of the songs, mainly classical like music, piano, as we play this frequently for her. She listens to it while going to sleep. The super convenient thing about it though is there is a timer, Alexa as far as I know does not turn off at a certain time, or I don’t know how to make her. Bonus with this one though, we set the timer and lay her down and the machine goes off automatically. Very good little investment, my daughter loves it.
    Sleeping and Relaxation Gadget ,USB Rechargeable -Free shipping photo review
    He has arrived quickly! I love the music box, it sounds great. Having light is an advantage. Its size is ideal, I thought it would be bigger, but I prefer it that way. Also no batteries needed, it is charged with USB. For getting a hit out of him,It's great.
    Sleeping and Relaxation Gadget ,USB Rechargeable -Free shipping photo review
    Perfect, I was pleasantly surprised that it's so small, it carries quite a few sounds, regulated volume has an ambient light, charged with USB, battery lasts quite a bit. Just what I needed, thanks
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